Dec 21, 2013

Notes Taken Down

      It was very nice response from you all to this blog but the notes were taken down from the blog as all the class notes were reported by the owners so they had to be taken down due to copyright claims.. We cannot provide you guys with the MU notes at the moment. But we will get back to you guys at the earliest.. Thank you for the support :)

Apr 14, 2012

Maths Video Lectures FE and SE

            Hey Geeks... Today i am going to share Maths lectures for those who don't understand it during their on going semesters and while they are in their classes .
            I was trying to find maths lectures online and finally found out the videos on YouTube on @M1M2M3NOTES and then i asked this professor who teaches in MP at RGPV Bhopal and almost covers all the topics on M1, M2 , M3 & M4 as her channel is new i asked her if i can post video of her on this blog so all MU students  could get help from her and so she agreed to help.
           Leave comments on this post or on her YouTube channel what topics you want and she will add them. here's the link to all her videos and playlist of all semester wise topics

Mar 31, 2012

Gaming Goes Social

           People Play the most hardcore games and other stuff  online but they dont have a chance to brag about it to their friends. This has been solved by a gaming website for all of the gaming nerds so that they can post the progress of their games online on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Moreover all the console gamers can also post their stats on the site so that it can be viewed on the web.
           Yes, the website allows all the facilities to the gamer to post his game state automatically via his XBOX live , PlayStation Network , Steam and xfire.
           Playfire allows users to enter contests win prices discuss about upcoming games and join events and create gaming groups.

Mar 3, 2012

Microsoft Windows 8 Preview

      Microsoft's Windows 8 is far more advanced OS which has been developed in such a way that it consumes least amount of memory and gives maximum performance.
      It features a user interface similar to the one found on the Windows Phone mobile OS. It was designed to work on mobile devices, desktop PCs and all-in-one devices.The user can save his personal settings online onto windows cloud via the Windows 8 device. The OS also introduces charms, which speed up navigation around the OS.
     You can get a free consumer copy here

     Things included in the new Windows 8 :

  • High Security
  • Factory reset which doesn't require a restore disk in case of a system crash
  • Newly introduced 'Windows Store'.
  • Customizable "start" screen
  • A better Windows Defender to remove Malware as soon as possible.
    Windows 8 is following Apple's steps towards tablet PC's and hopefully it will live upto the users expectations ..

Sep 18, 2011

New website Under construction

Comps geek has been a hit among the engineers across Mumbai and many of you have downloaded and viewed my posts on Engineering and few of them had asked to arrange and add few more notes to the site so the admin of COMPSGEEK has decided to make a new website dedicated to Engineers of  Mumbai and all the problems issues etc will be well quoted on that website

Here is the first look of the website. This is a prototype and not the completed website so the final website may look different.