Sep 8, 2011

Earn Legitimate Cash Online

How many hours do you spend online ?

Ever wanted to earn money from the is your chance..

First thing you need to do for earning money online is to have an online bank i.e. a payment processor there are two payment processors available which work with all the payment websites and all nationalized banks.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Make an personal account with both the Payment Processors so you can sign up for multiple moneymaking sites. Signing up on these websites is absolutely free.

The next step is to get ready to earn :

There are many ways to earn online :
  • Paid to Click
  • Surveys
  • Data entry
  • Link Sharing etc...
We will be providing the most profitable ones to join and earn lots of cash.

Best Paid to Click [PTC] Sites :
These sites wont make you rich over the night but will certainly earn you enough to keep your wallet warm if you wish to earn more only one PTC site wont be enough atleast signup for 8-10 sites to earn a decent income around 20-30$ per month.....

The Sites listed below are Top few legit paid to click sites click on the image to signup instantly and earn $1 a day.

This PTC site provides daily 15 ads to click which may range upto $0.02 per ad and provides bonus on refering to your friends the ads they click you earn
Payout is instant and you withdraw at $2 via alertpay/paypal instantly.
Proof ----> Click Here

Per Ad $0.001-$0.006 if referal clicks $0.0005-$0.003 -Ads daily: 40 Earn up to: -Click: $0.011 -Ref click: $0.006 -Ads daily: 60 Direct referrals are Unlimited
and withdraw at $7.99 Alertpay/PayPal 30 business days/Instant
Proof ----> Click Here

Click: $0.01 -Ref click: $0.002 -Ads daily: 8
Earn up to: -Click: $0.02 -Ref click: $0.008 Ads daily: 30 Direct referrals limit: Unlimited -Up to: Unlimited
Payout: 10$ Check/AP/PP Weekly on Mondays
Earning from receiving active referral for 'Premium' members: $0.25
Earning from referral upgrade: $2 -Up to: $2 + $1 from 7 more Levels
Earning from referral purchasing ads: 10%
Proof ----> Click Here

Get Paid for Browsing the Internet with LogiPTC

$0.01 per ad click Referer click = 10% daily Unlimited ads
Direct referrals limit: Unlimited
Payout at 5$ PP Once a Week

Proof ----> Click Here.

Click: $0.001 - $0.005 -Ref click: 10% -Ads daily: 10-20
Earn up to $0.005 -Ref click: 100% Ads daily: 70-90
Direct referrals limit: Unlimited
Payout: 1$ AlertPay/PayPal in 7 business days
Purchase price for 'Paid To Click Credits': 1000 views - 3$
Proof ----> Click Here. 

Payout at $1 per week
earn $0.005 per click and refer unlimited friends to get referrals per referral get 10 % of their earnings
best site after clicksia
Payout: 1$ AlertPay/PayPal in 7 business days
Proof ----> Click Here.
WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

Earn $0.01 per click
Referral click : 3%
Ads daily: 4 minimum & invite unlimited referrals
payout at $10 via PayPal Instantly
Proof ----> Click Here. 

The above sites were top PTC sites and which pay instantly when you cash out.

Here are some more Legit PTC sites to earn online :

Personally if you decide to join a single PTC site it will not be e
arning you much but if you want to earn a descent part time income I recommend you to join at-least 10 Paid to click sites so you can earn around $30 a month approximately depending upon how much friends you refer on the site and how many ads you click per day.
There are other ways to earn other than PTC sites but they require some investment sometime so you can earn from these sites with zero investment.

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