Apr 14, 2012

Maths Video Lectures FE and SE

            Hey Geeks... Today i am going to share Maths lectures for those who don't understand it during their on going semesters and while they are in their classes .
            I was trying to find maths lectures online and finally found out the videos on YouTube on @M1M2M3NOTES and then i asked this professor who teaches in MP at RGPV Bhopal and almost covers all the topics on M1, M2 , M3 & M4 as her channel is new i asked her if i can post video of her on this blog so all MU students  could get help from her and so she agreed to help.
           Leave comments on this post or on her YouTube channel what topics you want and she will add them. here's the link to all her videos and playlist of all semester wise topics

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