Mar 3, 2012

Microsoft Windows 8 Preview

      Microsoft's Windows 8 is far more advanced OS which has been developed in such a way that it consumes least amount of memory and gives maximum performance.
      It features a user interface similar to the one found on the Windows Phone mobile OS. It was designed to work on mobile devices, desktop PCs and all-in-one devices.The user can save his personal settings online onto windows cloud via the Windows 8 device. The OS also introduces charms, which speed up navigation around the OS.
     You can get a free consumer copy here

     Things included in the new Windows 8 :

  • High Security
  • Factory reset which doesn't require a restore disk in case of a system crash
  • Newly introduced 'Windows Store'.
  • Customizable "start" screen
  • A better Windows Defender to remove Malware as soon as possible.
    Windows 8 is following Apple's steps towards tablet PC's and hopefully it will live upto the users expectations ..

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