Sep 4, 2011

Blog Icon Contest !

Today I made a new logo for the blog after a long pause and going through a lot of digging and brainstorming finally i came to a conclusion and created a descent logo for Compsgeek.
I think its missing something and i need you guys to send in some ideas and different logos that represent the site and you all.
Till now i have came up with this logo below :-
Now what i want is you guys to make your own version of logo/icon for COMPSGEEK and mail them to me @ .

All of the blog viewers are being given an opportunity to become a part of the blog. The only thing you have to do is write an email to me where you tell us how you stumbled upon this blog and what made you like this blog.
All the ideas are welcome you can make your own logo for compsgeek and attach it to the mail.
The best entries will be selected to be published on the blog and one logo will be selected to be featured as the official logo of compsgeek for a week.

What you have to do :

  1. Make a Logo you think compsgeek's blog must be and write about your views on the blog
  2. send the mail with subject : logo contest with your views and suggestions and attached logo
  3. see the best entries featured on the blog !!
  4. Send all entries to
All the entries will be a part of the blog be sure to make it short and clear Spam is not allowed !

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