Aug 29, 2011

Hack Attack [Password Cracking]

This post and the following few posts are based on an art known as hacking. What 'Hack' means and what we can do to be on the safe side or on the attacking side.
Hacking means penetrating into a zone knowingly or unknowingly with unauthorized access. It means to be a person with full knowledge about a particular system and how that person can take advantage of it according to their own need.
This article will be on how to crack a password and what we can do to prevent it. What is a password ?
A password is an important piece of information which is needed to access the system and its a general mode of authentication used in daily life. A password is Unique piece of information which should be saved in your memory and never shared with others.
There are mainly four ways to get someones password they are;
  • Passive Online attacks -
  1. spying on network - capturing packets from the victim and cracking them to reveal passwords
  2. man in the middle attack - interrupting authenticated packet by placing a sniffer in between client and server
  3. reply attack - interrupting the route of the password to capture it and re-sending that packet later to the server
  • Active Online Attack -
  1. password guessing - its a type of a social engineering attack which requires some knowledge of the victim.
  2. bruteforcing - requires bruteforcing softwares to try all the possible combinations for passwords
  3. dictionary attack - it is a specific amount of passwords which the hacker tries which he thinks the victim may keep as a password
  • Offline attack -
  1. hybrid attack - it is a combination of brute-forcing and dictionary attack
  2. Rainbow table attack - it tries all the combinations and dictionary attack to match passwords
  • Non-Electronic attacks -
  1. social engineering - blackmailing or asking for password to victim
  2. keyboard sniffing - keeping track of victims keyboard input using spyware
  3. shoulder surfing - watching the victim type the password.

Many of you think cracking a password is easy but its not the case. All the above factors are important. You wont get a ready made cracker to crack a password. If you get one then its probably fake as it is very hard to crack a server than it is to crack a client :)
  • Cain & Abel [image]
  • John the Ripper
are the commonly used tools to crack and sniff networks and break passwords. It is no easy task first you have to sniff for packets and then to decrypt it accordingly.
Another way to steal a password it by installing a spyware on the victims computer without his knowledge.
Keyloggers are very useful for capturing passwords by recording keystrokes of the victim. we can plant a keylogger and let it send all the keys pressed by the victim to steal his password.

PREVENTION : Many off the websites show that they can break a Facebook password or any other password you just need to download a software they provide which they say will crack the password which may not be true.
The software you get from these sites contain spywares in themselves and harm your system compromising yout security and privacy.
Installing a antispyware,antimalware,firewall,and a antivirus is a must.
keep changing your passwords frequently and keep complex passwords like eg; cA|\|T_H@cK_m3 .
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