Jun 14, 2011

Unreal [Game] Devolopment Kit UDK.

          Hey Peeps......
Today I am going to tell all the aspiring computer engineers who wish to become a game developer a really great news.
        Yes, the news is, now you can create games like never before !!!! The Unreal technology helps us to do just  that..Any one with a great passion in gaming is eligible to create a game and make it with all the efforts.
The Unreal technology has created many games like
1. Gears of War series
2. Batman : Arkham Asylum
3. Unreal tournament
4. Bulletstorm etc..

To see more on Unreal Technology CLICK HERE

You can create games like these by your own with the Unreal development kit.
If you want to know how to create games the website http://www.udk.com/
contains video tutorials or you can watch them online on youtube a channel thenewboston has very cool an easy tutorials to teach you how to make games in the UDK.
When you learn creating games you can become a game developer and create great games with friends or team up with the game community to be a part of a big game. More on that later........

Here is a UDK interface Trailer how the Game is to be created


There are some counterparts to the UDK like the Unity3D which people think is easier to create small games but I personally prefer to use UDK as it is completely FREE!!! and more powerful than Unity3D.

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as I will be posting and please do check out thenewboston's channel on youtube as it has many more programming tutorials if you are interested. I dont wish to advertise thenewboston's channel but it will really help the Computer Engineers....


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