Jun 7, 2011

Blog update!!!

Hey Fellow Followers,
          I have decided to post videos on JAVA for mumbai university people only to make them understand the main concepts of java just before exams the notes i have are from Prof. Junaid Khateeb from Sadgurus.
          I hope to post those videos after june 20 and if you have any suggestions I can try to solve them as well.
         I am also going to post some Ethical hacking tutorials from the 21st of June, so stay tuned to get them first hand.I have nearly done my own notes on java for Mumbai university referring  to Prof. Junaid khateeb and I will post it in my next blog.


  1. Hi friend I want classes notes of Embedded system, Artificial Intelligence, these two subjects Notes, So please upload link for it as soon as possible ... or mail me at rajkumarpomaji@gmail.com

  2. Can I get notes for Electronics sem 6 Microwave Elecronics and Devices. Please mail at dhavalnandu@hotmail.com or upload it.

  3. Does anybody have junaid khateebs java notes !?

  4. its kinda urgent.. ty