Nov 20, 2010

Skip Registration on Forum Sites

Sometimes you are to lazy to login or u forget password and you quick need some information.I am not talking about the social networking sites but the Forum sites and normal sites u are a member of.
To log in with a fake id u can use a addon on firefox which u can search

open your firefox : tools >> addons>> get addons>> search for "bugmenot" >> install >> restart firefox ;

now open a site which requires login (except social networking)

right click on username textfield and click on "login with bug me not"

it will give you the results !

now how this thing works :

basically this addon checks the username and password for the particular site you want to login in ,

now where it checks ?

this site keeps record of all fake username and passwords submitted in its database .. this addon searches there and tries login with each login name

and password available for the site !

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