Nov 28, 2010

Learn to Hack [Free ethical hacking]

Ever wished you could know how to hack.Did you ever think it would be cool to become a hacker just like any cool guy from the movies well here is the stuff you need to know first
1. Hacking is of many types you can be a hacker but that requires patience.
2. You cannot become a hacker in a day it comes to you gradually.
3. There are different types of hacking i.e. ETHICAL Hacking and ILLEGAL hacking.
4. The Ethical Hackers are known as the White hat hackers who are allowed to hack a system with the permission of the victim they don't intend to cause any harm or steal any data from the victim.
5. The Black hat hacker i.e the Illegal one steals the data and causes theft of information from the individual.
6. Then there is a Gray hat hacker he can be both black or white depending on his mood and they are the smartest ones.
7. Finally there is a different person known as a CRACKER. A cracker is a person who helps everyone to crack a file to remove its copyright to serve it to every one for free mostly Gamers will know the importance of a cracker.Guys like Razor1911,SKIDROW,rld,etc are known to crack the most anticipated games.

Here is a list of Top 100 Under Ground Technology Websites

So which one you want to become.To become a hacker first you must know about the linux environment i.e a linux operating system which is widely used by hackers all around the world.
LINUX is preferred because most of the tools available to hack are basically running on linux and are not compatable with windows.

What you need I found this great site which is a ETHICAL HACKING FORUM India all you need to do is check out Indian Cyber Army to know all the details involved in the underground science involved in hacking but be sure to use this knowledge with a responsibility.


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