Nov 11, 2010

Installing Ubuntu........What the hell is that ?

Well all the guys on the internet speak about taking control on other accounts,hacking n stuff made me wonder how do professionals do it. It is not easy at all cos i hav tried it. The hacking tools they use is created by their hard work n skill in programming they do it by their knowledge in core programming and perfect concepts...
so y UBUNTU whats so special about it... windows can b used for hacking so y the linux kernel the answer is simple a lot of programs on how to hack for newbies or as hackers call script-kiddies run on the linux OS and the command line of linux is better than windows.
But problem comes when u first want to install the new alien operating system u dont know what will it look like. You dont know its working in short nothing. According to me its the best as the makers of Ubuntu have taken care of that they have provided it for FREE no charges at all and it gets bigger we can first try it as many times as we want without installing it on our computer using only the CD which they call LIVE CD.
So my advice is to check out Ubuntu and get a glimpse of it but its really difficult to get hold of it coz it is not at all like windows so try it on live cd first and when u think u can use it , then install it as a secondary OS cos in ubuntu no windows app will run and no games either so its only ment for programmers and hackers who wish to learn ...... for more info on ubuntu check out Ubuntu Forums.

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