Nov 11, 2010

Installing Software in Ubuntu Easy Way....

Most Windows users who migrate to Ubuntu end up confused about software installation. They go to a

website, download a .tar.gz file, double-click it, and don't see a Next-Next-Next-Finish wizard. This tutorial is intended to introduce you to the preferred methods of software installation in Ubuntu.

I have made this easy for you as I too was confused and impatient so lets start..........
First check whether after installing Ub
untu does it have a pre-installed software center.It is available in most recent released as 10.10 Maverick meerkat (The Software Center is also available as of Ubuntu 9.10; in Ubuntu 8.04, there was a similar interface called Add/Remove.)

If you alr
eady know what software you're looking for, you can begin typing the name of it in the top-right corner to begin the filtering process. If you don't know, you can also browse by category.
In this case, let's say you're looking for an audio recording and editing program called Audacity.
So after filtering it, click Install and get prompted to authenticate with your password.

Then after a few seconds, Audacity is downloaded and installed.


it's finished installing, it's ready for you to use.

If any software is not available via the software center then only its advisable to download the software manually from their respective site in the format called .deb (DEBIAN) and install it just like we do on windows.
If you have any problems and issues then visit Ubuntu forums or search on google reguarding it.

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